“ We got the maximum result”

In the two races at Aragon Bo took a twelfth and an eighth place. The youngster from Rotterdam wasn’t completely satisfied with the results. “ We lack some power at the straights, that’s why I was not able to close any gap anymore. These were the best we could do.” Polesetter Joan Mir was in the first in a class of his own, right after the start he got away and his competitors weren’t able to close in on him anymore. A thirteen rider group was chasing him, Bo in the middle of that group. Trying to get further ahead he made a slight mistake and ran wide, forcing him to try to fight his way back into the group at the back. The race was red flagged and came to an early stop, leaving Bo in a twelfth spot at the fininsh. “ I tried to overtake someone en was pushed wide, so I fell back some places and had to give it all to come back in the group. I really couldn’t get into a descent slipstream to make the connection.”

Race two

In the second race Bo was in chasing group of ten riders. After a few laps he was going backwards and even falling out of the group. He was joined by Sens Yamada who worked his way up from the backfield. Bo kept his cool and could stay in front of the Japanese rider. When two riders in the group in front of them crashed in the last lap, Bo took eight at the finish. “ I was glad Yamada came up to me, it’s quit boring doing laps on your own. He soon made a little mistake and I could pass him again and hold him of after that. Off course I’m not that pleased with the results. We had a tough day in practice, but qualifying went well. Too bad we couldn’t get up a little further, but looking back, I think this was all we could do.”


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